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I expected cheap shots and lies from liberals and they unloaded bundles in Vice, their movie about me. Right away they gleefully recalled I had a couple of drunk driving arrests as a young man and dropped out of Yale to repair power lines and almost got dumped by my fiancée, Lynne. At least they […]

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Babe Ruth Welcomes George Bush

Babe’s playing catch with a teammate on the sideline when a tall lean fellow, wearing a first baseman’s mitt, jogs onto the infield and says, “Hi, I’m George. Can I play today?” “Kid, I got first base because I was out pretty late last night and don’t feel like pitching or running in the outfield.” […]

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Guardian Trump

After ducking big rocks, my brave forces weren’t firing tear gas and rubber bullets at women and children charging my beautiful concertina-wire border. They were stopping hordes of invaders, mostly adult males, who would destroy the paradise that we European Americans have created. I made the truth clear. I’ll close the whole border with Mexico. […]

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Jill Stein Strikes

An enormous woman, more than six-feet tall and two hundred pounds, stands against the far wall. She’s wearing a gunny sack dress and, despite being in her seventies, has long blonde hair. I have too much time to examine her as well as look around a small conference room where about twenty people are waiting […]

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Richard Nixon v. John Dean

Summoned to the Oval Office, John Dean pauses at the door, and Richard Nixon says, “Come in and close it. “Have a seat, John.” “Thank you, Mr. President.” “I appreciate all your good work as White House counsel. And your confidential style.” “My duty, Sir.” “What you’re involved in is very risky.” “I’m more concerned […]

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Gore Vidal v. William F. Buckley

Many do not know that after World War II, while an undergraduate at Yale, William F. Buckley taught beginning Spanish at the university. As a child in Paris his primary languages had been Spanish and French and, though at age seven he finally began the academic study of English, he would soon spend much time […]

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Kasich Must Gamble

This story is from the rousing campaign book “King Donald”

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Outraged by Castro-Loving Obama

Thank God our Republican Party is now resolved to prevent the worst president in history, Barack Hussein Obama, from normalizing relations with Cuba. How dare he try to throw our nation in bed with Caribbean communists and characterize our Cuban policy of more than fifty years as being outdated and a failure? It has been […]

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Woodward v. Bernstein

On orders from the White House I infiltrated the radical Washington Post newspaper in the early seventies, working as a reporter on what beat I still cannot disclose, having (I trust) much longer to live than Deep Throat nonagenarian Mark Felt did when he allowed his identity to be revealed. Using my incisive intellect, honed […]

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Ferdinand Marcos Endures

I’m not surprised the communists are still after me. They know I’m their most resolute enemy. I won’t let them carry out subversive activities. I won’t permit them to dominate my country. That’s why they didn’t want me to remain President of the Philippines longer than two four-year terms limited by the constitution. The communists […]

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I’m not going to degrade myself running against that lazy rich boy in the 1960 Democratic primaries. The nation will surely drop him once I enter the presidential race right before the convention. Americans understand the country needs a man like Lyndon Johnson, not some runt who was handed a silver spoon the day he […]

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Who Creates Jobs?

This story appears in the collection “In Other Hands”

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Courtroom Defense of Robert Bales

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Richard Nixon Where Are You

Richard Nixon called his first congressional opponent a commie, in ‘fifty senatorial race painted Helen Gahagan Duglas pink before trouncing her, and as vice president under Eisenhower snuggled with Joe McCarthy. By late ‘fifties he already wanted to invade Castro’s Cuba which however imperfect had just freed itself from American lackey Batista. After losing, perhaps […]

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State of the Union

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Interview with Robert F. Kennedy

gtc – could you as promised have really gotten u.s. out of vietnam rfk – certainly at least couple months before richard nixon did gtc – how would world be different if you’d been president rfk – based on my real accomplishments and everything that’s happened since would be about same gtc – would anything […]

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Martin Luther King: “Beyond Vietnam”

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Obama’s Afghan Nightmare

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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The Slugger – Senator Joseph McCarthy

This story is from “McCarthy Nixon Castro”

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Richard Nixon Rebuts Frost/Nixon

Don’t for a second think I’m upset by this new Frost/Nixon movie.  My enemies again tried to get Nixon and again they failed.  Watch documentary films of my speeches and interviews and you’ll hear an unusually articulate politician.  Actor Frank Langella portrayed me as a stiff-necked and tormented bumbler.  If you know Nixon the leader, […]

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Congress Mandates New Leadership Model

This story is from the collection “Obama on Edge”

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Fidel Castro Forever

I know what some are saying, that I’m a hick from a sugar plantation and loco because on a dare I rammed my bicycle into a prep school wall and knocked myself unconscious. They think I’m a hotheaded and dangerous young man who may someday kill people, and might already have as a politically-obsessed law […]

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Richard Nixon Rebuts his Enemies

This story is from “McCarthy Nixon Castro”

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