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Emails from Mayweather and Maidana

Floyd Mayweather in Hot Tub

Putin Writes Kerry

Pacquiao v. Bradley – The Rematch

Wives of Errol Flynn

Alcohol v. Pot

White Heat

Rand Paul in Berkeley

Putin Warns the West

Nikita Khrushchev Explains

Crimean Anschluss

Vladimir Putin Attacks

Free Chapo Guzman

Chapo Guzman’s Five-Star Prison

Heavyweight Scholars at War

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Careful, Justin Bieber

The Chancellor


Humane Capital Punishment

Final Days of Teofilo Stevenson

Jim Jefferies at the Bar

Fall of Battling Siki

Sonny Liston is Santa Claus

Angelo Dundee Advises Adrien Broner

Kim Jong-Un Betrayed by Uncle

Very truly yours, John L. Sullivan

Mandela v. Obama

Viva Madiba

The In Crowd

End of Suffering

Rhinos Battle Poachers

Jack Delaney on the Rocks

Dancing with Tiger Flowers

Looting in Leyte

Typhoon in the Philippines

Dolphin Brother Supports Incognito

OBAMA ON EDGE in Trade Paperback

Prime Real Estate

Godane Wants You

Saudi Woman Driver

Employment Agent

Another Rogers Family Tragedy – Reggie Dies

The Bold Investor at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Sam Langford Today

Book Signing Saturday October 19

Slugging with Sam Langford

Kurt Gerron’s Academy Award

Pat Haden’s Termination Plans

Netanyahu Assails Rouhani

New Iranian President

Flight of Insanity

Letter to Oscar de la Hoya

Shorty Belton

Karzai Angry

Emergency Evaluation of a Judge

Putin on Syrian Gas

Our Son

Assad Explains

Last Bodyguard

I’m Harry Greb

Back Yard Hole

Kim Jong-Un Executes Girlfriend

Teacher Patrimony

Babe Ruth v. King Tut

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Noisy Night

Assad Gas Company

Puerto Rican Trilogy


Rocky Rebuts


Stanley Ketchel Survives

Courtside in Las Vegas

Night Court

Toe to Toe with Bobby Chacon

Putin to Host Snowden

Edgar Payne v. Elsie Palmer Payne

Bus Stop

When Termperament is the Winner

The Collector – Published

Pursuing Pipino Cuevas

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Las Vegas Hell Motel

Upstaging Maestro

Visiting Sonny Liston

Art Aragon’s Sweetest Ladies

The Bold Investor – Published

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Adopting Sonny Liston

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Klitschko Versus the Legends

Inside Fire

Assessing Yarnell

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Michelle Intervenes

Soothing Barack

Morsi the Great

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Silvio Berlusconi